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Adopt-A-Newbie Day Version 4.1

  • Boreal Mountain Resort 19749 Boreal Ridge Road Norden, CA, 95724 United States (map)

***4th Annual NCS Adopt-A-Newbie Day***




Happy Beginning of the Snowboarding Season guys...Join Norcal Snowboarders for our Adopt-A-Newbie Day Version 4.1 at Boreal ( Last year we mentored lots of new BOARDERS and of course lil' skiers who had never been before, or who were just getting back into the sport. This day is dedicated to the helping of new people and just being there for support. We've all been newbies before and all realize the dedication it takes to become a good boarder, so in order to increase our RIDERS group we're here to help you along your journey. With the 2013-14 Norcal Snowboarder Badge Adult lift tix prices are $38 for the day,$30 for ages 13-18, and $12 for ages 5-12. If you are a DRIVER in our carpool and carry a MINIMUM of 3 passengers, YOUR lift ticket is ONLY $15(DRIVERS are on a 1st come 1st serve basis!!) The BOREAL 1-2-3 RIDE FREE program allows you to rent a Board & Boots, a 90 minute lesson, and a LIMITED lift ticket(Nugget & Castle Peak), for ONLY $60. 13-18 is $55, and ages 5-12 is $50. Boreal is open from 9am-8pm.Clarks Snowsports will also be providing 3 $15 dollar gift certficates for the newbies as well. Before we leave Boreal, there'll be a race for all newbies and the winner will receive 1 of the gift certifcates. Another one will be given to "BEST ATTITUDE" because it's fun to see all the smiles prior, and then all the frowns of pain afterwardsThe 3rd gift certificate will be given to the "MOST IMPROVED" for the day. So come on out and watch the newbies BUST THEIR BOTTOMS at BOREAL.

***If you DO NOT ARRIVE with the group, you WILL NOT get the discounted price. We go thru a special register once we arrive, he will NOT re-open the register only to allow a few people to go thru, so PLEASE keep that in mind. Regular lift ticket price is $59***



If you are willing to drive, please state in RSVP how many you can take with gear. Carpoolers please watch the bottom of this post to see what carpool you're in. Drivers, please also watch this post and flag any necessary adjustments that need to be made to your carpool.

• We meet at 6:30am on the dot, we leave at 6:45am sharp!

• If you plan on carpooling, have $20 cash for your driver... Please try and have exact change!

• When we get to the resort we will meet at ***2nd Floor Cafeteria*** at 8:15am



We will meet at ***2nd Floor Cafeteria*** at 11:30am for lunch. It is important that we all make this rendezvous in the event that we become separated and do not have a cellphone or walkie talkie. Please try to stay with someone who has one of the two. Please try to make sure, if we separate into smaller groups, that we all have a way to communicate with each other.



• $20 for gas for the driver (if you're carpooling; Exact change is appreciated) 

• A bagged lunch or money to purchase food

• All your gear! Boots, board, gloves, goggles, etc. (or money to rent)

Optional: Motorola Walkie Talkies: if you have one, bring it! We use channel 7-38 so we can stay in touch on the mountain!


As always, please be safe and wear a helmet! 
Looking forward to meeting some new faces and seeing some regulars!