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We know what you’re thinking... you really want to enjoy the snow this season, but don’t really have anyone to ride with, or you’re out of luck because you don’t have reliable transportation to get you there.

We’ve got the answer... Join NorCal Snowboarders! We’re the largest Snowboard and Ski Community in California, Utah, Colorado, and the Western US, offering ride shares, discounted lift tickets and passes to all your favorite resorts all season long.






But we don’t stop there... NorCal Snowboarders has expanded to 5 Out of State Winter Trips, so come on out and experience the fun of group riding with snow enthusiasts of all levels. You can hone your riding skills with others at your same level or challenge yourself with some of the more advanced riders and learn something new!

Founder & Organizer



Started shreddin' in 08', and Snowboarding blossomed into a PASSION that I love. When I started this group in 2010, it was strictly for gas money to get to the hill & back, and has now exploded into 7,000 members, averaging 48-50 Tahoe related trips per Season. Our riders are die-hard, dedicated drivers, and passengers that crave the first chair freshies, and to introducing Boarding & Skiing to anyone that wants to learn. Come say hi to me at any meet up events, and I love gettin' in turns with the new members. 

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Logistics Coordinator

I joined the group in 2012 as a skier and loved everything about the group! The people, the atmosphere, the organization, and the great time I had. I joined the organizers team in 2013 and I'm very happy to take part in the effort of bringing people that love Skiing/Snowboarding together and to the mountain. I tried boarding during the 2013-2014 season and I must admit - I am a snowboarder now... I fell in love with it, and haven't touched my skis since... During the summer I stay active with NCS - camping, backpacking, bike riding, wake boarding, and hiking.


Asst. Organizer

I was a skier as a kid and learned to snowboard while in college, then adulthood and a career got in the way. Rediscovered my passion for snowboarding when I joined up with NCS during one of their first official outings, and my life hasn't been the same since. I enjoy introducing others into the group like I was first welcomed when I joined. When not snowboarding, I can be found hiking, running, camping, traveling, and anything else outdoors.



Snowboarding has become a passion for me. I joined the group in 2012. In two short seasons I went from a complete newbie to riding the wall in Kirkwood. I love that the group has riders of all skill levels. It's easy to find someone to ride with. I have met lots of amazing people and several have become lifetime friends


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