Our carpools are run with all the organization and efficiency of a small airport. Once you RSVP "going" to one of our meetup events, we make sure your experience is completely hassle-free. You will know who’s car you will be riding in prior to the trip, and all costs associated with the trip are clearly explained in the event write up.

 Our trips meet promptly at 6:00am in Sacramento, and 3:45 or 4:15am at the Bay Area and South Bay carpool locations (depending on the resort) and leave at 4:00am (South Bay), 4:15am (SF/OAK), and ASAP (SAC) once attendance has been taken. We usually arrive at the resort to catch “first chair” and enjoy a full day on the slopes.

**All Bay Area carpools MUST stop in the designated SAC location (ROCKLIN/EDH) to meet the SAC carpools to either caravan, or switch to passengers to the resort of destination. Kirkwood is the ONLY exception IF the vehicle can drive directly to resort. This rule must be adhered to, if not, it will result in immediate expulsion from the group.**

NorCal Snowboarders has a designated lunch time and location so that our members can re-connect with other riders and share some highlights of the day. 

Our trips finish up when the resort close, then we make our way back down the hill. We do several out of state and overnight trips per season, most all of our events are single day trips to specific resorts.

The resorts we attend usually center around where our members have season passes to. We work with several resorts to offer our members great deals on season passes so that most members have passes to the same resorts. Be sure to check out our current details for more info.

Carpool FAQ

How do I get on the carpool list?
When RSVPing to the event, make sure to answer all the carpool questions that are being asked. Based on your answers we will place you in the carpool as a driver or a passenger. You can always check the carpool link (located in the event write up), to see who you will be riding with. Please note, carpool list is constantly changing, and is being finalized on the morning of the event. 

Can I edit the carpool list?
No. Only organizers have 'edit' rights to the Carpool List. Simply answer ALL the carpool questions upon RSVP and we will take care of the rest

How much is the carpool fee?
The carpool fee for SF/SBAY members is $45 ($25 From SF/SBAY to Sac & $20 From Sac to Tahoe)
The carpool fee for Sacramento members is $20
For SF/SBAY members: One can choose to be a driver for the 1st part of the trip (up to Sacramento), and become a passenger at the Sacramento meetup location. 

How late can I RSVP / Change my RSVP for an event?
Any member has up until 9PM to change their RSVP for any reason. If you change your RSVP after 9pm or are a no-show the morning of the event, you will still be responsible for the carpool fee since the driver has committed their time and their vehicles, and we would have had to deny others that could have had the opportunity to join us. You will be notified by an event organizer on how to cover your carpool fee. ***NO SHOW Carpool fees are to be sent to Rudy@Norcalsnowboarders.com via PayPal, the organizer doing the carpool list will receive that for their time. In 9 Seasons our "no show" percentage is under 1%, which means 99% of the time each driver get their carpool compensation on each trip.***

Does NorCal Snowboarders have a No-Show policy ?

Yes! NorCal Snowboarders has a 3 strikes rule. After your 3rd no show you will be automatically removed from the group. Here is the good news: In 6 seasons we have NOT had to remove any member from our group due to no shows. We commit our time, drivers, and resources to you, and expect that same commitment. As long as the carpool fee is paid, your strike is removed.

Does NCS have a policy regarding drivers that drink?
YES! NCS Does not support drivers that drink! The cut off time for drinking for drivers is 1PM. We encourage drivers to be responsible. Violation of this rule will result in removal of the driver from the carpool system. 

Do we have to stop for lunch?
Lunch break is optional. We encourage people to stop for lunch, grab a bite, reconnect with some members and socialize with others. But it is not mandatory. Feel free to ride through lunch. 

What time will we be leaving the resort?
We are a “first chair-Last chair” type of group. This gives members that are not season pass holders or coming from the Bay area and South Bay, an opportunity to have a full day on the mountain. There is always an assigned meet up spot at the end of the day. We will meet at that location between 3:30- 4:00pm. As soon as everyone from your carpool arrives to the meetup location - you can start heading back. 

Which resorts does the group go to?
As a group we go to Tahoe Vail resorts (Northstar, Heavenly, and Kirkwood), and to Sierra-At-Tahoe. 

How often does the group go to Tahoe?
We have organized day trips to Tahoe every weekend from the beginning of the season until the end. Occasionally we have weekday trips as well.