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Half Dome Hike

Half Dome Hike

Half Dome in Yosemite is just begging to be conqured by NorCal Snowboarders! We're shooting for August 19-21, but it all depends on if and when we can snag the permits!

This is an extremely difficult hike. It's long, steep at the beginning and end, and more dangerous than most Yosemite hikes. It's probably the most difficult of all Yosemite day hikes. On the traditional 1 to 10 scale, this one rates an 11. If you have never hiked before, you are very welcome to join, but please come prepared! This means you MUST have all the necessary equipment like BROKEN IN hiking boots (If you buy your boots the day before, you're guaranteed to develop blisters on the hike!). 

You'll find a full list of necessities at the bottom of this meetup.

If you're definitely in to go, you'll need to RSVP by April 30thbecause we need to purchase the permits on May 1st. The permits sell out very quickly and need to be purchased early (All of June and July sold out in less than an hour!). I will keep a watchful eye and buy the permits for everyone going once they become available. 

Each person going MUST have a permit and there are only so many permits issued for each day, so if you're serious about coming, RSVP before April 30th, because after that, you're out of luck! 

This trip will be a 3 day adventure (Friday - Sunday). We'll be staying in the canvas tents at Curry Village with a cost of about $110 per person (depending on how many people go) for the two night stay and carpool. This price excludes meals.



We will carpool to Yosemite leaving Sacramento around noon (around 3 hour trip from Sac) and arriving at Camp Curry around 3pm. We will settle into our tents and enjoy a leisurely evening. 


We will start our hike of Half Dome at 6AM SHARP. The Half Doom hike will take anywhere between 10 - 14 hours so we must leave early. Here are some stats:

Half Dome

14.2 miles (22.7 km) round trip via Mist Trail

Total Elevation Gain:  4,800 feet 

Once we're back, we'll grab some dinner and either crash or enjoy the Yosemite evening.


We will hit an easy and very scenic hike, Sentinel Dome, before heading back to Sacramento. Here are the stats:  

Sentinel Dome

Distance:  2.2 miles round trip

 Hiking Time:  1 - 2 hours

Difficulty:  3 out of 10. It's quite easy until the final stretch up the dome itself, which is short but steep. 


  • Water, lots of water. Minimum 64 fl. oz. bag. If you think you have enough, bring more.
  • Extra water container - 32 fl. oz. filled with water 
  • A backpack with a belly belt - helps distribute weight off your shoulders
  • Proper hiking socks - don't use department store socks they'll cause blisters
  • Hiking boots that have been broken in
  • Sunscreen - small container used before and during the hike 
  • Insect repellent - small container 
  • Hat 
  • Hiking pants - (try to wear very little cotton, NO denim) You don't want to wear jeans because they'll soak through with your sweat and become even more stifling 
  • Nuts 'n fruit to keep you fueled along the way. Some kind of protein too. 
  • Bananas and other sources of potassium to help prevent and relieve muscle cramps. Eat them the night before. 
  • Small plastic bag for garbage - to take what you brought in back with you 



  • Water purifying filter or tablets. Tablets are much lighter. 
  • A walking staff or walking sticks - takes the load off your knees 
  • Moleskin for hotspots on your feet - apply before they become blisters 
  • A whistle - to summon help in emergencies 
  • A  light camera 
  • Extra socks in case you feel like hiking up both Falls and getting very wet 
  • Simple First aid kit - you never know 
  • Small roll of toilet paper (You are going to be out for 10-14 hours)
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