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A Heavenly Hot Tub Time Machine Day!

  • Heavenly 3860 Saddle Road South Lake Tahoe, CA, 96150 United States (map)

******A Heavenly Hot Tub Time Machine Day!******



Alright boys & girls, it’s time to bust out the 99 luft balloons, shoulder pads, and leg warmers. Some of us may remember when the video killed the radio star and for those who don’t, well I’m sorry you missed out on a most awesome decade :) But here’s your chance go back in time, a time when it was cool to skip class and hang out with Ferris or rock out with the hair bands. Jump right in into the Hot Tub Time Machine and let it take you back in time, rockin’ that Walkman cassette player while sportin' your new Jerry curl. Hey, trust me, it’s way cooler than riding a DeLorean and going back to the future. 

Here’s some list of things you’ll need, but not limited to: 80s wigs & costume – if you can nab one from your parents that would be more bogus than Bill & Ted’s Excellent adventure! Be creative! Disco was still around and MC Hammer was almost too legit to quit. Your options will only be limited to your imagination and if you rock a parachute pant, you're a top gun and more real than Milli Vanilli. You can get most of this stuff at the local Goodwill store or maybe at your grandma’s attic... 

You know I’d be rockin’ a mullet cause I don't wanna stand here and say I'm sorry. I just want to drink beer and play Atari.

Check out this video to get an idea of what's goin' on.


If you do not have a Season Pass, ticket info can be found at the resort's website. Those with Season Passes may also be able to get discount tickets. Also Check out our most recent hookups. CLICK HERE FOR WEATHER (


  • If you are a driver in our carpool, we do not support drivers that drink. Please be responsible and safe, and make sure your passengers arrive back home safely :-)
  • If you are willing to drive, please state in RSVP how many you can take with gear. Carpoolers please watch the bottom of this post to see what carpool you're in. Drivers, please also watch this post and flag any necessary adjustments that need to be made to your carpool.
  • We meet at 6:30am on the dot, we leave at 6:45am sharp!
  • If you plan on carpooling, have $20 cash... Please try and have exact change!
  • When we get to the resort we will meet at ***HEAVENLY GONDOLA*** at 8:30am


We will meet at ***EAST PEAK LODGE*** at 11:30am for lunch. It is important that we all make this rendezvous in the event that we become separated and do not have a cellphone or walkie talkie. Please try to stay with someone who has one of the two. Please try to make sure, if we separate into smaller groups, that we all have a way to communicate with each other.


  • $20 for gas for the driver (if you're carpooling; Exact change is appreciated)
  • A bagged lunch or money to purchase food
  • All your gear! Boots, board, gloves, goggles, etc. (or money to rent)
  • Optional: Motorola Walkie Talkies: if you have one, bring it! We use channel 7-38 so we can stay in touch on the mountain! Onesies, mullets, leg warmers, fanny packs.

As always, please be safe and wear a helmet! 
Looking forward to meeting some new faces and seeing some regulars!

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